Spare Parts

“Fixed Price Repair” (FPR) Spare Parts Included

The majority of our latest FPR’s are supply and install packages. To fix these prices we need to lock down the cost of the spare parts included in these packages. Which we have done for the most popular ovens, stoves and washing machines.

The reality is there will still be some parts included in or FPR’s that we dont stock. These are normally the things like dual top elements and bottom elements in ovens, or washing machine door boot seals for the more expensive models or perhaps the better term is the less popular models. In the event the spare part is not included in our stock holdings or readily available through our normal supply arrangements we have 2 options to deal with the situation. You can either opt to allow us time to import the part within the FPR budget or pay an agreed charge to purchase the spare part from the an Australian Stockist/Agent.

Importing the spare part means we can wait between 4-8weeks. Buying from an Australian Stockist/Agent means an additional charge will be passed on, but we can normally secure those parts within 10 working days.

Australain Spare Parts Agents

For no sensible reason Australian Spare Parts Agents impose significant margins and are frightfully random in their response and delivery times. So you can be fore warned, the following in a list of Brands in order of spare parts delievery performance. The best being at the top.

Remember this changes regularly and without warning. Right now IAG, Technika, Omega Linea supplies are having to be re sourced from Europe.

DIY Repair Spare Parts

We go to lots of DIY failures. The most common reasons we are called to sort out these DIY failures are because:

  • The customer has bought and fitted the part they think they need, only to find out the machine is still faulty.
  • The online YouTube or other video feed they found on the internet showing them how to fit it themselves looked easy and straight forward.
  • The part they received was not the correct part or cheap imitation part.
  • The customer installed the spare part incorrectly.

The list above are the least of the DIY customer’s problems. What customers often don’t realise is that DIY brings with it many other risks, such as:

  • Your insurance can be void. If you have a fire or get electrocuted, most insuarance companies these days don’t accept liability where the work done was not carried out by a duly qualified and licenced person.
  • You can be fined for doing work unqualified or unlicensed.
  • Parts often can not be returned. Suppliers know many DIY customers dont have a right under thier returns policy to return spare parts.
  • Many of the parts bought on the internet belong to other international models that are not supplied to Australia, and for good reason. Voltages are different or they don’t meet local standard or certification.
  • Damage to the new or existing spare parts because the fault has not been diagnosed. Many times we go to customers who have changed the Electronic controller only to find a short circuit has destroyed the newly fitted timer. The customer didn’t realised the reason the Electronic controller failed in the first place is because a short circuit caused the problem in the first place.